Upload a file using a web browser

posted Jul 9, 2009, 5:16 AM by Warner Zee
Files On-the-Go comes with a web server.  If the web server is enabled, you may upload a file directly to the application using a web browser.

Please note that ONLY computers on the SAME WiFi network shared by the iPhone can access this application's web server.

Please perform the following steps to upload a file:
  1. Start the Files On-the-Go application on your iPhone.  (The application must be running in order to upload files.)
  2. Check that the application's web server is running.  Select the Web Browser tab.  The web server should be ON and a url should be listed (e.g.
  3. Open a web browser from a computer on the same WiFi network shared by the iPhone.
  4. Navigate to this application's web server.  You can find the address by looking at the Web Browser tab.
  5. Navigate to the folder that you want to upload the file to.  (You may also create new sub-folders by selecting New Folder from the Action list in the upper right corner.)
  6. Select Upload File from the Action list in the upper right corner and click go.
  7. Browse for the file that you want to upload and click Upload.
Your file will be uploaded and saved into the current folder.